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Cast From The Past

Several times I’ve mentioned how my paintings evolve. I can let them rest for years, seemingly stuck for completion.

That may imply a level of frustration, but it’s not meant that way at all. It’s much more like a self-test of patience, even confidence in a way. Before I let a picture rest for awhile I ask myself a few questions, though I have to think back hard, as it is largely intuitive as well. Essentially it comes down to whether to go on or not. When you know you may have spent 100 hours or more on painting, spread over several years, that’s not such an easy decision.

It’s true that an artist can develop a relationship with the art, with any given piece, so in a way it’s like saying goodbye for awhile, knowing (hoping?) that we will meet again . . . but when? Perhaps this too is part of the adventure of art? It seems that way.

Anyway, here is another painting that has back to town for a surprise visit! She is what I would call an enigma, as she never told me her name in the first place, and she still refuses to do so.

I’ve taken it upon myself to find her a name – let’s call it a title – and it’s not been so easy this time – so many options!

I try to be careful with naming my art, as I know a few words can affect how the viewer thinks about the painting. I also tend to get a little “punnish” in the process . . . painfully so?

Finally, I’ve added a few ideas, with no one particular favorite, and they are just under the picture, as shown here. Comments are welcome, but no suggestions please . . . this naming is something I must simply do myself . Simply . . . ha!

Abstract figurative art

My enigmatic friend without a name.

As for possible names, I’ll probably choose something entirely different in the end:

  1. Forgetting to Brush
  2. The Focus Group
  3. Primal Therapy
  4. Gasping For Hair
  5. Final Apprehensions
  6. Passed the Past

That’s the short list . . . I just hope it doesn’t take years to make up my mind!

Love Child

It seems like every summer I have this surge of minor but significant changes in style, and it seems like over the past several weeks it’s happening again. A few days ago I began playing with a rendition of my recent pictures, using it to try using some new techniques. As often happens in this process, something catches my eye and I’ll stop for a minute, thinking, “I can do something with that.”

In this case it was a little doodle I did in the bottom corner of this 8 x 10″ picture. By the wee hours of the morning “Love Child” was put to bed . . . that’s what I’m calling what came of my adventure, and here it is, just below.

I’m not sure if it will be made available soon, and if whether it will offered as an original or perhaps a limited edition print. As for other new works, you may want to check out my most recent post for more of that – Magic Instead of Perfection.

New mixed media art by Lawrence Grodecki


Almost a cartoon, almost a deer.

Magic Instead of Perfection

I should have written that perfect blog post by now. That’s the one that tells you a bunch about that new item up top on my menu bar. It’s called “Original Art”. That’s bound to get done soon, but for now here’s something a little related to that section.

The other day I tweeted an image of one these original paintings and someone came back with a request for a song to match the art. At first I was stumped, but in no time I found a great match.

I love when that happens, partly because like most artists, most often we’re not comfortable in writing descriptions of our paintings. However, I do find it lot more enjoyable discussing such matters one-on-one and privately . . . no idea why.

Anyway, today I’m giving you a glimpse of five of those 20 original paintings, along with five matching musical gems from YouTube. For me there’s a little magic in each of these videos, and if my art portrays any of that then I’d be more than a little pleased. You can click any of the art titles and see the painting in a new window. That way you can move back and forth if you wish, between the art and the music.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do . . . all of it.

Skating In the Clouds


Perfectly Flawed

Strumming Along

My Imaginary Fence

My Organized Orgy of Art

What an odd feeling it is . . . now that I’m organized I feel like it’s time to get some things done!

It’s taken several days now to re-organize my art files. It’s not like I’m a hoarder or anything . . . it’s just that once a work of art is begun, it needs to be saved for later finishing. It’s a necessity really – there comes a point where you just know you need to leave painting alone for awhile.  As I work very much in isolation, it was quite a relief to see that other artists do the same. Seeing how one other artist struggles with this dilemma was one of my favorite parts of watching “Gerhard Richter Painting”. In that remarkable film, on a few occasions, he (Richter) clearly demonstrates the frustration and intrigue of this aspect of creating art, and how it is so very intuitive.

Given the computer aspect of my art it is much easier to put a piece away for later . . . I simply need to save the file. The hard part comes in remembering where that file is stored!

Back in May it really hit home, how much art I have done over the past 10 years.  Before I left for Calgary in early May I did a complete hard drive backup and that’s when I noticed that my collection of art files is now over 10,000.

That may sound like a lot, and it is, but keep in mind that typically one finished painting is the last file in a series of 30 or more files, and those are just the ones kept – many more have long ago been discarded. Still, as it stands right now I have a directory called Priority Projects that has 39 paintings on the go, wanting and needing to be finished. Each of these will take a matter of a few hours to perhaps a day or two to finish. However, I know by experience that I typically underestimate that time requirement, so you can pretty much double it, whatever “it” may be!

Anyways, I’d like to end by sharing with you an example of one of these Priority Projects. The folder is named after the final piece, and in this case it is called “Something About Frida”, a tribute of sorts to Frida Kahlo . . . as this painting was almost at its current stage I somehow began thinking of her, how much the image seemed to fit with those thoughts, hence the title.

There are 41 files in this folder, in chronological sequence. I’m showing you 6 of them here, beginning with the first, which is a kind of 3D scan done on my home printer. It’s just some leaves. I don’t fuss over composition in these scans, as I purposely do them quite quickly, so as to not overthink them. In other words, I can’t say that the facial imagery and the the lips was done intentionally.

As you will see, as I play along with any given picture, things start to happen – a real art adventure – and entirely new paintings emerge on the screen. I won’t say it is addictive, but it is so very alluring. It’s simply something that I love doing. I hope you enjoy the views and feel free to drop in a comment or share this post, or both! 🙂

A picture of green leaves

A 3D scan of some leaves – 2007

A face in leaves.

A facial rearrangement . . . still playing with this one.

Head shot in leaves.

From the face I moved to the back of the head!

leaves geometrically altered.

Some geometry, plus some personal touches.

enhanced geometry

Major alterations.

New art by Lawrence Grodecki

“Something About Frida” – almost done – June 2015


PS – For what it’s worth, I also have a folder of “Older Projects” which has 29 paintings in it, most of which could easily be in my priority folder. Then there is another one called “Final Touch Ups” . . . another dozen or so of the same . . . oye!!!


Five Uneasy Pieces

This has been one of the toughest weeks that I can remember . . . an emotional roller coaster, but one with no upsides.

It’s been crippling in the sense of trying to get  anything done business-wise. I just couldn’t do it. I did manage to care for my demented mother in the usual way. There is no choice in that matter. Other than that, the only thing possible was creating more art.

I don’t understand how that works. A person couldn’t feel more uninspired than I’ve felt this week, and yet it was possible to do some pretty decent painting. It helped me to cope in a way, but I know it’s more like a pill for symptomatic relief.

I’ll leave it at that and simply show you a few examples of what came out the past few days, though as usual, most of this art is a reworking of other pieces done several years ago, so none of them are from scratch.

Have a great weekend.

Contemporary Abstract art

Mixed Media Contemporary Figurative Art

Colorful Mixed Media Fantasy Art

Contemporary Horse & Lady Sketch

Modern Abstract Portrait Art

Ready To Go

Mixed Results

Ever since my return from Calgary I’ve been spending less and less time on social media.

That’s been almost a month now, and while I do miss having the personal contact with my closest friends and fans, I really need to focus more on my offline art-related activities. The main one right now is taking my art into the realm of mixed media, and soon I’ll show a nice little example of how that’s going, but not in this post.

My left arm continues to be a sore spot, so I’m keeping my typing to minimum these days . . . another reason why I’ve reduced my social media activities. Thankfully this has not hampered my new art projects!

Lately I’ve had a surge of creativity, with some pretty amazing results. My days are largely a combination of trying new techniques, such as acrylic and pencil on top of my original art prints, but also creating new pieces.

I won’t be posting much of my new work on Twitter and Facebook for the next little while, but you can be sure I’ll show more in my blogs from time to time, including this untitled work (below).

Have a great week, and please feel free to keep in touch. Even if I don’t appear to be online, I do check for messages constantly, but I don’t always reply as quickly as I did in the past . . . hope to hear from you soon. Now here’s that new painting. It started with the ink-on-paper sketch (up top) that I did about 8 years ago.

new art by Lawrence Grodecki

June 2015 – Untitled

What Is Art?

What is art? Whether you are new to collecting art or a twenty-year veteran, you’ve probably thought of this question a number of times, read and researched it, listened to several experts, and so on.

It seems to be one those “lovely” words that defies a singular definition, and there’s a certain beauty in the truth of that, poetic and otherwise.

For me art is a way for ideas to breathe . . . to come to life. It often happens in unexpected ways, and at times the finest breath seem to flow effortlessly through the artist.

For me these ideas are sometimes humorous, often mysterious, almost always sensual, and usually kind and playful. That’s quite a group of five, and a handful to say the least! When you think about it, they all seem to have something to do with love, individually and blended together . . . endlessly.

I hope you keep that in mind as you view any of my art, and as you consider adding some of it to your collection . . . here are my limited edition creations.