Slideshow of My Original Art

For months now I’ve been immersed in what seems to be an annual summer surge of creativity.  I’ve also been doing some soul-searching in terms of what direction to take my art. And I gravitate back to original art . . . one-of-a-kind creations.

One reason for doing this is that I realize that there are many out there who love my art, who collect art, but who are sincerely only interested in one-of-a-kind creations. This is also the mainstay of almost all galleries, and soon I expect to be represented in one of them, perhaps a few.

I still have much of my art in open and limited editions. However, my selection of one-of-a kind creations is separate from those editions. And there are extra steps involved . . . taking my pigment ink on canvas creations and tinting the varnish with acrylic, as well as some final touches using acrylics . . . my originals creations are essentially mixed media . . . pigment ink and acrylic on canvas.

Also, I’ve finally found a way to show some of my art in a slideshow, through Google Photos. The link below will take you to an album of over 30 original creations. I haven’t listed the prices, so for that or other information, or to discuss the art, please use my gmail address: (ljgrodecki@gmail.com).

Now here’s the album. There’s a slideshow option in one of the menus . . . it’s an excellent way to enjoy the art, and this art does represent some of this summer’s surprises, but also several pieces that began a decade ago, and but just now in their current and finished presentation.

Click the image to go to the album:



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