New Original Art

For months now I’ve been immersed in what seems to be an annual summer surge of creativity.

I will eventually offer these originals online, and that will be in open and limited editions.  For now, here is a sampling of some of my more recent works, done in this creative surge.

art by Lawrence Grodecki

Deeply Involved

Digital Art by Lawrence Grodecki

She Loves Me Knot

Contemporary Art by Lawrence Grodecki

That Inner Strength

New digital art by Lawrence Grodecki

“Artist at Work” by Lawrence Grodecki

The featured image at the top is called “Observing Tess”. I will continue to show my art more on social media, and that’s almost always on Twitter these days.

Finally, I am taking a break from blogging, largely because of some personal issues that I’m sure I’ll explain the next time I post a blog . . . have fun!



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