Seasoned Surprises – Beneath the Wrapping

What keeps me motivated over the past few years have been the little unexpected surprises that seem to come up out of nowhere. They may not come nicely wrapped, yet each one is so precious.

They remind me of what it is like to be child-like again. Bringing a little joy into someone’s life is one of my favorite expressions of love – even with a complete stranger – and certainly with friends I have yet to meet – so many of you online. The same goes for the receiving of these little surprises . . . though they’re not little at all.

As this message is really for all of you in cyberland, I want to especially thank so many of you who have touched me deeply, and shown such wonderful support and encouragement. There are my muses, fans and reviewers, beta readers and others who seem to just “get it”. There are many more who simply share a kind word or a joke or a nice reminder of how nice people can be . . . to all of you I wish you all the best for this season, and the one after, and so on.


5 thoughts on “Seasoned Surprises – Beneath the Wrapping

  1. Refilwe

    Dearest Friend 🙂 Thank you so much.Such lovely precious and warm words.Wishing you a Beautiful Festive Christmas 🙂 x


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