3 Chop Shticks Please, Sweet & Sour

The other day I came across an internet stat that floored me. I didn’t bother to save the link, and the only thing that stuck out for me was something about 91% of people using Google searches were looking for a little humor.

I’ve noticed a lack of that on most newsy kind of sites that I follow. They are sites that are full of information, content rich, but still almost a little draining. Yes, there are a lot of huge and serious issues out there, in which 91.347596 % of us seem to have no say, and the bulk of that number really don’t even understand the complexities of these issues.

The truth is that the other 8.652404 %, those “in charge”, don’t have a good handle on them either. That’s where a lot of the humor comes in . . . I’m pretty sure that accounts for about 2/3 of George Carlin’s material. By the way, if anyone is looking to send me a late Christmas present, it’s never too late to send me a copy of his book, When is Jesus Coming with the Pork Chops? – I’d like to read it along side a little Frank Bacon!

There seems to be a huge need for a daily chuckle or two or three, certainly I have that need. If I can get a little bit of it in something I write then it’s a good day. Half my days are good days, the other half are often good nights . . personally I’m not sure if anything is possibly funny before two very strong cups of morning coffee . . . I’m not sure if anything is even real before then!

I’m not even sure why I’m posting this, except perhaps to say that I always have an exorbitant of big issues on my mind. I stuff it though. It seems there is only so much most people can take . . . big questions that don’t go away, but perhaps are best avoided, especially when the answers seem unattainable.

Still, I try to put them in my writing, at least my fiction to date, and maybe some day someone will find something in there that can help clear the air a bit? In the meantime I do my best to take the sting away as much as I can.

Ha! I just remembered something – that’s honey – and it gets laid on pretty thick in Dawn at Last – an unexpected pleasant surprise, the sweetest humor there is?

9 thoughts on “3 Chop Shticks Please, Sweet & Sour

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Your writing is heartwarming. Somehow it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, The Russia House, though I think some of it was filmed in Czechoslovakia.

      Thanks for following me as well – I’m flattered. 🙂



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