Stand Pat and go ask Alice

This post is going to be sweet and simple, hopefully in the style of this classy video interview with Alice Munro. I’m not sure if she speaks for every writer. She certainly speaks for me, especially when she talks about the joy of writing, the search for at least a glimpse of something universal, and of the importance of the reader’s experience.

Having said that, I’d just like to thank one reader in particular – Patricia Williams-Forgenie – for a kind book review. She’s such an optimistic person, she’s been through so much, and I admire her almost to the point of envy. She seems to be acutely aware of what a poison cynicism can be, something I battle constantly . . . it’s the opposite of inspiration. She’s all about inspiration.

Now it’s back to daydreams . . . in this one I’m wondering how an interview/ discussion would go between Patricia and Alice . . . why is it that this image of two little girls is the first thing to come to mind?

5 thoughts on “Stand Pat and go ask Alice

  1. Patinspire

    Dear Lawrence,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I wonder how that interview would go? You do play an important role in all our lives. The people who interact with you know what I am talking about. You bring up issues in a way that give a different perspective to the conversation but your opinion and outlook add that needed perspective.
    In this world we all have a different role to play but all our roles are just as important. We balance off each other and as a result add spice and difference without which, this world will be boring.
    I appreciate your honest voice!
    Loved the interview and pic of the two little girls!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thank you Patricia,
      That kindness means a great deal. I just finished watching a longer interview with Alice Munro. I wish I could thank her for doing it. As she didn’t attend the Nobel award ceremony, this interview was done instead of a speech. I’m amazed of how much she says in this interview that explains much of what I’d like my children to know, at least one of whom is a somewhat secretive writer, and a very fine artist as well.

      It’s almost a 30-minute interview, but it flies . . . I’m sure you will love it!



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