The Painting That Named Itself

One of the nicest things about blogging is that you can learn little things about yourself as you go along.

I learned something yesterday, while writing Cast From The Past. It’s a post about a new painting and my sometime-struggles with the naming of such. Even as I was typing that post, a little voice was whispering, and I hope that voice knows that I was listening.

The message was very simple, “You struggle with the names because the painting is not finished.”

So through the rest of day and until about 2:00 in the morning I finished it, and as I sauntered off to bed the name came to me and I smiled . . . yes, it’s perfect, “Light Touches”.

I really like so much about yesterday’s rendition and I will be saving it, perhaps even make it available some day. However, it is this final version that I really love, though I won’t say why. Let’s just say the clue is in the title . . . think of the word touches as a verb, and that’s all I will say on the matter.

As Einstein used to say, sooner or a later a person has to think for themselves. I’m amazed at how this seems to make so many people nervous. Please don’t be one of them. Art can be a precious gift that way . . . an invitation to think for yourself, so please embrace it.

Now here is “Light Touches”.

New original art by Lawrence Grodecki

“Light Touches”

8 thoughts on “The Painting That Named Itself

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thank you Mieke. Yes, though these colors are not as bright and bold as the previous rendition with more red and green. It still has that metallic sheen to it though, and the actual painting is more vivid than it shows here. I’ve found that Pinterest shows my art best online, though over there the art is oh-so- slightly on the darker side. Finally, there is much more happening in this version than simply different colors and cropping . . . glad you like it.

  1. Sonata

    I am torn between the Finished and the previous unfinished version.
    I Loved the vibrant fluorescent colours of the unfinished
    -it looked perfect and …finished to me, i even sent it to my daughters.
    Each has its own ‘touches’ within, 🙂

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      I totally understand how you feel. In many ways I suppose it could be considered finished. It’s just that there really was something gnawing at me to do more… for me it’s not so much about the colors as it is the extra layer of imagery.

      With several of my “final” pieces I am also torn as to which rendition is “the best”. As each is noticeably different, I suppose I could put them out there as a series . . . at that point it’s all really personal preferences. I haven’t done that mostly because I always have so many unfinished pieces on the go, and it just hasn’t seemed like a priority. Fortunately these pictures and all those variations are safely stored . . . the only real danger is if I forget where I put them! 🙂

      1. Sonata

        I Know how difficult it is to choose among several copies and the urge of keep going adding and changing -almost addictive and as absorbing.
        I like your idea of putting them into series – perhaps the top three or Four
        putting them aside for a few days/weeks and then looking them again before final selection.
        I truly enjoy your creations!

      2. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

        Thanks for understanding . . . I’ve really learned to appreciate what the old masters used to say, about a work of art never being finished . . . couldn’t agree more!

        In the case of “Light Touches” and the still-to-name predecessor, there will only be two versions. If you don’t mind, I may send you an email when I publish the one you like. The only thing holding me back is the lack of that darn name . . . maybe it will wind up being “Sonata in Red and Green”?

      3. Sonata

        Oh I Love this and i am Blushing like a Poppy! but you are an Artist and must allow your Inspirations to blossom to their fullness. I have found actively thinking about an issue before going to sleep and ‘asking’ about a solution or suggestion, the right one springs unexpectedly within a few days.
        When you are truly happy with your decision you will know you have chosen the right one! I, m sure you already know that feeling 🙂
        As for the Sonata … i will keep in my heart and will see it as such as ..underwritten on the canvas of whatever name you decide to give it.
        yes, please do send me the email as i am planing a long break from from posting and internet time.

    2. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Sonata, just so you know, I’ve had quite a surge of interest on various social media places, so I’m definitely going to publish that previous rendition as a separate piece, but I’m not sure if it will be as a limited edition print or an open edition. As for “Light Touches”, I think I’ll just keep it to myself for awhile.



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