Five Uneasy Pieces

This has been one of the toughest weeks that I can remember . . . an emotional roller coaster, but one with no upsides.

It’s been crippling in the sense of trying to get  anything done business-wise. I just couldn’t do it. I did manage to care for my demented mother in the usual way. There is no choice in that matter. Other than that, the only thing possible was creating more art.

I don’t understand how that works. A person couldn’t feel more uninspired than I’ve felt this week, and yet it was possible to do some pretty decent painting. It helped me to cope in a way, but I know it’s more like a pill for symptomatic relief.

I’ll leave it at that and simply show you a few examples of what came out the past few days, though as usual, most of this art is a reworking of other pieces done several years ago, so none of them are from scratch.

Have a great weekend.

Contemporary Abstract art

Mixed Media Contemporary Figurative Art

Colorful Mixed Media Fantasy Art

Contemporary Horse & Lady Sketch

Modern Abstract Portrait Art

Ready To Go


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