Group of Five

I have just submitted five pictures to a specialized art site for review. It would be great to get some comments here, especially as it concerns a consistency of style – I hope this selection conveys some of that.

Speechless Again - art

Speechless Again

Hidden Kisses - Art

Hidden Kisses

Elle-Beau Room - art

Elle-Beau Room

Season This Moment - art

Season This Moment

Fine Feathered Friends - art

Fine Feathered Friends

16 thoughts on “Group of Five

  1. sknicholls

    It may be two female images over-layered, but Elle-Beau Room, portrays a strong sense of masculinity and femininity. Season This Moment speaks to me on a multi-cultural level.They are all very beautiful. Love the color in the first one.

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree about Elle-Beau Room is both masculine and feminine – hence the title! 🙂 It is rare for me to have that kind of balance. I’m glad you enjoy the art and thanks again.

      1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

        Yes, I now have a site on Fine Art America where I offer a fair number of pieces as open edition prints. I’m just in the process of trying to list these five pictures on a different kind of art site. It is highly selective and caters to a more targeted group of art lovers . . . collectors. They only accept originals and limited edition prints, and as such the art tends to be more expensive than on Fine Art America. I won’t be offering the same pieces in both places. Here is a link to my site on Fine Art America. They recently acquired You can find my same site on there. The big difference is that facilitates shipping beyond Canada and the US.

        Here’s a link to my site:

      2. jorobinson176

        Wow! So – does the site at this link ship everywhere? What are those print meanings Lawrence? Like canvas or metal? Questions, questions. 🙂 Does that mean you’re going to be offering originals too?

      3. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

        Thanks for all the interest Jo. says they ship worldwide, or at least wherever UPS or FedEx ships.

        At this point I have no intention of selling originals online.

        As for FAA’s print options, that is one big benefit that I didn’t have before, on my old site. As you can see, there a lot more print sizes available and paper stocks. If you have a specific question on a given picture I’ll gladly give you my preferences, but in a private email, ok?

        Aside from paper stocks, there are canvas and acrylic options. The acrylic is like a shiny plastic canvas. I see a lot of that in furniture stores here. For pure decoration it actually has quite an appeal.

        I have to try anything on metal, but plan to do so some time, especially for some of my art that has that kind of “stained glass” look.

        If you’re ever thinking of ordering anything send me an email and I’ll glad help with the details . . . I hope this helps.

      4. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

        lol – Why didn’t you just say so in the first place? 🙂

        I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I’m in a really good mood – cold medicine does that for me!

        Thanks so much for your appreciation of it all Jo.


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