Nesting Dolls, but I’m not Rushin’

I suppose this is another “show & tell” post, so first a little telling.

One thing I enjoy about abstract art is that once in awhile you can create something that looks very different hung in various ways . . . viewer reactions vary with each one.

My latest piece is like that. I noticed this aspect when it was almost done and I’d like to show you here. The first picture is shown how it was created. The second is simply the same as the first but flipped around. The third shows the exact same picture but turned 90 degrees.

I began with a picture that was part of another picture of mine. In other words it was a small piece of a larger picture which was them enlarged. I often do this, and one original picture can eventually became several entirely different pieces. Think of it like those Russian nesting dolls, with smaller ones inside the larger ones. In this case the final picture is the fifth smallest doll.

When I take a portion of another picture in a way it becomes my beginning canvas, though it is not a blank one. Then I begin with a very simple idea, “What if I do this?” So I start and it really does become a creative journey, like sailing into uncharted waters. Once again there were more of those unexpected pleasant surprises. Now here are the pictures:

Abstract art by Lawrence Grodecki

Nesting Instinct – Shown as created.

Nesting Instinct flipped over.

Nesting Instinct – The original flipped over.

Abstract Art - Nesting Instinct

Nesting Instinct – Shown sideways.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention . . . once again the original involved an image of leaves.

5 thoughts on “Nesting Dolls, but I’m not Rushin’


    Lovely image – it appears alive and breathing. I enjoyed your post’s (title) humorous wordplay 🙂
    Several nesting dolls rest on my mantle. They’re very old and were given to me long ago.
    I can see the form within the form of your work.

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thank you AnnMaire. I often wonder how others see my art, so it’s always gratifying to hear when someone enjoys the playful aspects, including my horrible affliction with puns.

      Now I’m wondering about that mantle. Are they ordered from biggest to smallest, or are you one that dares to mix them up? 🙂


        Mixed sizes – sadly, the Orca with the broken flipper is hidden behind an elderly Native American woman. I’m not crazy about the spotted dog so he takes a backseat. Horse, wolf and Babushka are front and center.
        ps I also have old holiday ones that escape their attic boxes once a year!


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