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Surreal art by Lawrence Grodecki

Back to What Drives Us

Now what movie-loving blogger can resist posting something about Back to the Future Day?

It’s funny how all the talk is about the technology, though to me the movie was also a romantic comedy. Speaking of which, last weekend I saw a wonderful film called “Learning to Drive”, though it had nothing to do with DeLoreans and hover boards. Actually it’s not really a romantic comedy either. However, it has several moments of lol surprises, and even more about what evolves into a very endearing relationship between two middle-aged people, played by Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson.

In many ways the film defies categorization as well as stereotyping. The film is superbly written by Sarah Kernochan; I’d say that is the underlying strength of it all – especially the dialogue – though the acting is splendid as well. As you can tell, I’m no professional when it comes to reviews, but I will say that all the reviews I’ve read about “Learning to Drive” are very accurate, and all quite positive. I highly recommend it, especially for those of us who get tired of the presence of too much technology in so much of today’s cinema.

As you can see, this has very little to do with “Back to the Future”. There’s enough stuff on that all over the internet today. As for that hover board, here’s a little segue for all the tech fans! 🙂

Montrealer develops Hoverboard Prototype