New Mixed Media Art – Silence, Volume 1

This is simply an announcement of another finished creation.

I don’t have a long, beautiful story to tell you about it. Frankly I’m feeling a little “storied out” these days, yet I continue to paint . . . mixed media . . . pixels and pigment, acrylic and ink.

There are several recent creations that I haven’t shown or made available yet. That’s partly because of this absence of stories. Like all of my art, it has a contemporary feel to it, it is sensual in nature, and it includes several layers of blended imagery.

They are all in mixed media, and will be available only as original art . . . no prints. I’m putting them in a series called, “Silence” and this first one is called “Silence – Volume 1”.

I’m showing it here in its finished form, 25 x 20 inches (63.5 x 50.8 cm). It is gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

For inquiries, including pricing, please email me: ljgrodecki at

Contemporary original ink and acrylic painting

Mixed Media Original Art, “Silence – Volume 1”


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