My Fine Flippin’ Friends

In the past few weeks I’ve had this remarkable surge of creativity, with so many projects that I’ve sat on for a long time finally coming to an exciting conclusion.

It’s been a very satisfying journey and yet it feels like I’m only getting started. As such, It’s all I care to blog about these days, though it does seem a little narcissistic. In my defense, it is not that I crave feedback or attention or anything like that. More often than not, I think of my art as not really about me . . . it’s about the pictures . . . and it is simply nice to have them viewed.

Last night I thought this post would be showcasing five or so recent pieces, but by the time I went to bed there is one that really stands out on its own and I want to present it that way.

The piece is called, “Being Flippant”. It is so wonderfully simple. Also, it is one of those that can be comfortably viewed in the original way (shown first) or flipped over (the second image below).

That’s it for now. I hope you like it, and thank you for all the recent comments.

Being Flippant

Being Flippant – as originally created.

Now here is the same picture, simply flipped:

Being Flippant upside down

Being Flippant . . . and upside down!

Finally, just for fun, I wanted to see how a group shot might look . . . perhaps a bit much?

collage of Being Flippant

The whole flippin’ group!

4 thoughts on “My Fine Flippin’ Friends

  1. Fran Gold

    Love these! Those rich browns are wonderful and it seems that regardless of the way they are viewed the female form is indeed there! Remarkable!



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