My Saturday Column – Pardon the Typoh!

digital painting

colom – actual size is 9″ x 21″

This picture is yet another selection from the series I call “Typohhs”. It is part of the word colombien, from that larger picture called CoffeeMates. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, then you probably didn’t read the previous posts about this series. Don’t worry, they are short, so please start with How to Appreciate the Coffee Without the Grounds and then yesterday’s post, The Story of Ohh.

As you can see, The Story of Ohh actually comes from this word colom, which comes from the word colombien. As I’m writing this, it feels like I’m drawing my own alphabet, derivatives and such . . . but it’s all Greek to me! Tell me if you’ve seen this one before . . . Kimono from Krystos!

1 thought on “My Saturday Column – Pardon the Typoh!

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