How to Appreciate the Coffee Without the Grounds

How do you like your coffee?

digital art picture

Part of a series called Typohhs (8″ h x 14.4″ w)

This picture is one of a rather large series that I’ve been working on for many years now. It started with a scan of a can of coffee about seven years ago now (see below).

As I began etching away at this image, I found myself getting down into each individual letter, and groups of letters, such as Caff above. It began to feel like every letter had its own story – perhaps my take on a picture is worth a letter or two?

digital art

This larger picture is called “CoffeeMates”

I actually let the larger picture sit for about five years, until a couple of years ago when I spent most of the summer (and then some) working on this series. Pretty much every letter has been transformed into a series that I call Typohhs, with the emphasis on the “Ohh!”

What can I say? I suppose if I were a vegetable, I’d be beyond the outfield in Field of Dreams. If you follow me at all, by now you know I’m a movie fan, and I really liked that one when it first came out. The only thing that bothers me is that it’s only the men who are “coming back”. Also, I used to be a big baseball fan when I was a kid, and now as an adult one of my favorite baseball films is Bull Durham.

So for all those fans of “Ohh!” here is one of my favorite scenes from Bull Durham:

Ya Gotta Believe in Something!

2 thoughts on “How to Appreciate the Coffee Without the Grounds

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