On the Lighter Side

Since my artistic medium is really light, I suppose if I introduce a new picture then it’s fair to say that “it’s on the lighter side”! So the picture I’ve thrown on here today turned out quite nice, but for me this is more of a doodle – I tend to call them that when they only take an hour or two, instead of 50 or a hundred or more – hope you like it.


As all my art is done on a screen, it is all done in a process of light moved around on that screen – eventually that is translated into ink on paper or canvas.

When you think about it, all artists are involved in a form of communication in one way or another – a form that involves light. Caravaggio is perhaps know for “his use of light” . . . though it is difficult to say whether this is actually “his” light!

It seems he was a colorful character . . .


6 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side

  1. Mary Slagel

    Wow. That is absolutely stunning. I love it and I’m not just saying that to boost your confidence. There is something in it that reminds me of butterflies and nature and life and rebirth and I really enjoyed it.

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thanks Mary – I’m glad you like it. Actually there’s a fair bit about nature and butterflies in my novel as well – it’s a playful romance.

      I suppose it’s best categorized as a contemporary adult book, though I’m not crazy about too much categorization. After all, there is a lot of mystery in it as well: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C8WN53W

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thank you . . . I’d like to say it’s easy, and in a way it is, but that came after seven years of self-teaching and exploration (full-time). Believe me, when I started all those years ago, I had no idea where it would take me creatively, which is definitely part of the joy of a discovery.

      Mostly though, I like to give credit to the leaves – most of my art includes them, not only in shapes but also in the colors – in a way they become my palette.


    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thanks Doris. 🙂

      I’ve sold a few copies of my book and only a little art. I’m sure you are aware how difficult it is to sell art online, especially digital, and from an unknown artist.

      For both the art and the novel, one of my biggest challenges is getting awareness, and this is where the drumming seems to pause . . . I’m trying to switch to the horns section, but I’m finding it very hard to blow my own!

      Having said that, I do find drumming pretty amazing – there’s a hidden beauty of the persistence of it – very much like in this video – hope you enjoy it:



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