An Infinite Universe…How Nice


I’m tired of this endless debate, so many smart people who don’t seem to get it in terms of the simplest truth. The universe is boundless, infinite, end of story.

One thing we all know about walls is that there is always something on the other side. Those who claim that the universe is finite must then claim that the universe has some kind of invisible wall, like a shell of sorts. If so then how thick is the wall, and what’s on the other side?

So either the wall goes on forever or it doesn’t and there is something on the other side…either way it keeps on going…it is infinite, immeasurable.

I’m so tired of any claim else-wise. When you come to understand this boundless aspect, then with  a little thinking you can actually appreciate that in its totality there is a kind a unity. I say this because an infinite universe can neither expand nor contract.

Many people of science get very upset when you can explain this universal truth to them with simple reason, and a little imagination. To these people it seems reputation and the sale of textbooks seem much more important than truth.

Thankfully there are still those who have a passion for truth, and for them it is more important than tradition, more important than egos and more important than reputation, past or present. And thankfully there is no money to made from this simple truth, which speaks volumes when you think about it.

Your comments are welcome, as is freely sharing a little truth…just please don’t ask me what it means! 🙂

9 thoughts on “An Infinite Universe…How Nice

  1. TJLubrano

    Hello! 🙂 – I think the majority of people simply want to have control, control over all that just is and exists.. Maybe they are scared to actually just accept that e.g. the universe is infinite…scared for what will happen if they just let it all be. It be so much better though! 🙂 There is a lot of beauty around us and people tend to enjoy that.

    Great post!

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Hi TJ 🙂 I’m glad you like the post. I’m not sure what you mean by control. With all that we’re taught, it seems there are so many people who do not feel like they are much in control of much and there is something very wrong with all of that. There are others who think they have a great deal of control, and they profit by selling so much that isn’t true.

      Thankfully there is a lot of beauty around, yes, and so enjoy!

      1. TJLubrano

        Ah It’s more the need to have theories to explain things, strategies and whatnot in society (and in life) to “control” how things are being handled. Maybe “control” is the wrong word here haha. Like e.g. scientists who don’t want to believe that the universe is infinite or that things can be explained with a simple explanation. I suppose it’s a way to make sense of the world we life in huh? But you’re right when you say that there are a lot of people who still feel “not in control”…man! I should stop pondering now as it’s gettin late and I’m not making sense! I blame my past studies for my interest in human behavior and society haha.

      2. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

        ha ha…now you’re beginning to sound like one of the main characters in my novel…let me guess…sociology? I’m not sure “blame” is the word you mean either? Not one I like…blame solves nothing, still there does seem be a huge need for change, and despite all the rhetoric, that’s not really what our leaders want…simplicity itself is very bad for a whole bunch of businesses…strange but true…we seem to lack any sense of equilibrium, which goes against a system that needs constant growth to survive. And thanks for the conversation (of sorts) TJ…please let me know if I start sounding preachy…I do try not to.

  2. TJLubrano

    Really? A character from your novel?? 😀 How cool is that?! haha. Yes, you guessed correctly. I studied Sociology and before that Human Resources! Also, no worries at all about being preachy. You didn’t sound preachy at all! No thank you needed! I do like to ponder and analyze things and it’s only fun when people join. I can only learn you know!

    Have a fun day!



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