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This is Fernanda’s colored rendition of one of the free three drawings – “Naturally” – you can get it in this free download:

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The download includes the black and white version of “Naturally”. This is exactly what Fernanda used, turning her coloring project into a piece of art. The other two pictures are shown below.

Fernanda mentions one of my books, “Colorin’ Joy – Vol I”. That was my first book and “Naturally” is one of ten images in that volume. I recently released “Color’ Joy – Vol 2”, which features a set of 20 images . . . each of the following two pictures is in Volume 2.

art by Lawrence Grodecki

Daring To Be Seen – part of Volume 2 of “Colorin’ Joy”

Missing You - part of Volume 2 of "Colorin' Joy"

Missing You – part of Volume 2 of “Colorin’ Joy”