A New Art Idea

Thank you for visiting this page and for helping me out. You are here by invitation . . . I’ve asked you here because I value not only our friendship but also your opinion.

This is a new project for me, though I’ve been gnawing away at the idea of doing something like this for a long time now. I wish I’d had that “ah ha” moment years ago!

I’ve always wanted to make my art as affordable as possible and this is the best way so far. The process of creating art is so wonderful, and I think that all artists wish to pass that on somehow in the finished piece. I’m pretty sure that’s not entirely possible, but with this new project perhaps it comes one step closer?

I’ve created a set of 10 black & white images, each in the dimensions of 8 x 10 (20.3 x 25.4 cm), printed on a letter size sheet.

People who buy them can them color them individually as they wish. They can use colored pencil or acrylic paint or ink . . . they are printed on a white, sturdy card stock. That means when they are done they will be durable enough for framing if desired, and they can also be varnished for protection and increased durability.

So the real benefits are the joy of art (without the need to draw, which many find intimidating), and then the pleasure of the finished piece, either for one’s self or as a possible gift.

That’s about it. Oh, I’m thinking of an asking price of $25 USD for the set plus $5 shipping in North America and $8 elsewhere . . . yes, that’s pretty much what the postage alone costs, even for a small package in an envelope.

Now here is a picture that shows all ten images in a collage. When I launch it I’ll also have a link to the actual color versions of this art, more as a guideline than as a rule . . . thank you Jack Sparrow for that timeless inspiration!

Now please, please, please give me your thoughts, either here or somewhere on Twitter, Facebook. etc. I want your initial reactions, positive or negative, and on any aspect (e.g. images, sizes, prices, etc.).

Thanks in advance,


Group of 10 black & white art prints

A variety pack of 10 art prints.

PS – For a better idea of they look, here is a larger version of one of the pieces:

Single black & white print

Nirvana in black & white

6 thoughts on “A New Art Idea

  1. Regina van Hoeken

    Hi Lawrence thanks for the mail. I think it is a great Idea ! You can inspire other people to enjoy Arts. I am all for it😊 . Iam trying to some artwork (big Word) with acylic paint, it is so difficult. So yeah I think go for it.
    Some art I realy like. So if it is possible to choose your own kind I think there will be plenty requests.

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thanks Regina. I’ve thought about offering individual images, but the darn economics of it don’t make much sense. If this gets off the ground nicely, I may do that (individuals) but at a larger size. One nice thing about the smaller size is the portability, and also it allows someone new to the process a chance to practice in a way…everything has a learning curve. I know what you mean about acrylic paint. Personally I think these pieces lend themselves more to pencil or ink…perhaps the paint on top, but in parts, and more like a tint.

      I’ll have to think more about those “options”…any suggestions on that?

  2. Ceciliya

    Hi! Thanks for asking my opinion, it means a lot. Well, my first thought about ur project-idea was: coloring pencil book I used as a child and my kids have used it too. It doesn’t sound attractive to me, maybe because I don’t like to be limited by creations, visions of others… Only leaving to me opportunity to color someone’s expressions, dreams… BUT, I know there are people who like (love) to express themselves through the colors, regardless of given shapes. Also, it could be helpful as drawing lessons, starter, encourage for someone’s art potential. So. I hope that your idea will have success. Wish you the best!

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Ceciliya. I totally understand that it’s not for everyone, especially for reasons as you say. I also know that there are plenty of people who are either intimidated by drawing or lack skills and confidence for drawing.

  3. Lynn

    This is a superb idea …agree with comments above. A lot of this in the UK – but these could be made and adapted into gifts or gift cards direct for people. The price seems extremely reasonable …wondering if it is too low given their quality,

    1. Lawrence Grodecki Post author

      Thanks Lynn. I’ve actually been mulling this over for many years now, and you will perhaps see why in my upcoming blog post…another long one? ha ha

      Not long ago that was a brief TV feature on our local news about the growing popularity of adult coloring books. Just a couple of days ago I did a little googling on the topic, mostly to get a feel for pricing…that’s always a tricky subject. Anyway, I did find one article, one from the UK, theat mentioned a couple of adult coloring books with sales of over 2 million copies.

      However, I’m not offering a coloring book. You are closer to what they are, which is like a large art card – that kind of quality – but one that a person can have fun with and personalize.

      I am already thinking of developing a special set that will lend themselves to somewhat generic or broad-based themed greeting cards…basically the same idea but with a smaller image that one can finish, in a card format.

      As for the pricing, I do think it is reasonable and I hope that many others do as well. I don’t want people turning away from this based on price, nor do I want to have it perceived as a “money grab”. At $2.50 each, I do think it is good value for money, and I don’t need a massive volume to make this worth doing. Even if it becomes very successful, I doubt that I’d raise the prices.

      Artists such as myself really have little choice but to also think of themselves as entrepreneurs. So I think of this as an exciting new product line, a rather enjoyable one. It’s so simple really, very much a win-win, and the benefits are actually very interesting and different than say owning one of my originals or prints.

      Thanks again for the great feedback. 🙂

      PS – Yes, I do think the sets (unfinished) would make a great gift idea, and not just the finished ones.



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