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The Art of Defiance

A few months ago I watched a biopic about Renoir – the painter, not the sculptor or film director – the latter two were his sons.

Parts of it were disturbing, much more was fascinating, especially from the perspective of an artist, painting while the world is at war . . . much of it very close to his home in France. I think of myself in those terms these past several years, “Why do art when there is so much else going on . . . so many important movements . . . causes?”

Of course one must answer such a question in order to feel good about doing art, and it took me perhaps a few minutes to figure it out, though I think about the matter often. That answer is kept close to the vest. However, it was warmly reassuring to see how basically this answer comes out about the same through the views of this man Renoir.

Sadly, since the making this film, there has been a group established proclaiming the irrelevance of this artist’s work. Renoir’s talent, subject matter and aesthetic merit have been severely ridiculed; someone has taken it upon himself to try to have Renoir’s art dismissed – banned from museums, and other such endeavors. By his own admission, this person knows little about art, but he does seems to know something about causes – apparently he is having some success. This kind of madness is not so separate from so many others . . . it’s just not violent.

So in the midst of madness I’m continuing with my creative projects. These days that means I’m doing more with designing coloring pages for adults. It also means I’m doing things a little differently. As I mentioned in my last post, in the process something nice is happening with my “regular art”, such as this colored sketch below. It’s called “Defiance”. It came from a five-year-old creation that is featured at the top of this post.

Now here is “Defiance”, shown below.

Finally, if you are a coloring enthusiast you should probably visit this page – that’s where I’m giving away some free art for coloring purposes – it’s no wonder why so many people indulge in this wonderful new/ old indulgence . . . coloring.





I’m enjoying creating new coloring projects for grown ups. It’s a different kind of challenge and I’ve learned a great deal in a short time.

There are so many “types” of such art out there, such as mandalas or paisley-like patterns, or flowers and such. Frankly there are too many to mention, and there are those who love each and all. With so many millions of coloring enthusiasts out there, it is no surprise that their tastes, skills, and so on, are even more varied.

Did I mention there is so much incredible coloring talent out there?

What I like the most about coloring hobbyists is the love and enthusiasm for doing something creative with their time . . . and meeting some wonderful new people from a distance! A close second is the positive feedback I’m now getting about my art, in coloring format.

As an unexpected bonus, I’m finding that I can marry the two forms of art. For example, the piece below is in a slightly different format as a coloring project. However, in the process of creating that format I came up with this . . . and yes, it is another creation based on some simple leaves and twigs:

Leaves in art by Lawrence Grodecki

An offshoot of a new coloring page for adults

PS – As you can see from the image at the top, it seems unavoidable to stay with a touch of the surreal . . . no idea why!


A cropped version of art called "Hoping"


It’s tempting to write something about Canada’s recent election, which I followed so closely, looking for a glimpse of a return to some form of human dignity. I won’t do that except to say that something quite remarkable happened. It has to do with the newly appointed Minister of Justice. She’s a lawyer, so no surprise there. To learn more you can read her story here.

In an election full of big promises and tons of symbolism, this shines through as much more than a symbol and I wish her well . . . yeah Canada? I hope so.

I’m tempted to write about my little dream, another one about black holes, and the notion that they are impenetrable because they are full of Love . . . intense beyond comprehension, a universal force and something to do with new creation . . . and so love conquers all after all? But conquer is not the right word, as in that place and situation there is simply no fighting allowed. That has always given me hope too.

So in the end I won’t write about anything other the release of a new painting which has turned out to be very, very well-received in all my social media circles. I had been leaning toward launching it as a limited edition print, but instead I’m adding to my selection of more affordable art on Fine Art America. I’ve also lowered my normal markups . . . wish I could afford to give it away, but I can’t.

The picture at the top is a cropped rendition. Here is a link to the full picture . . . this new release is simply called “Hoping”.



The Start of Dreamy

This is another free coloring page . . . kind of a mix of a mandala and a dream catcher? I’m sure there will be a series of these, but they won’t all be free.

The download is available to anyone who enjoys adult coloring. The picture at the top of this post shows the coloring page, except I’ve added a splash of color in the center. To see what’s underneath, just click on the link below and download the sheet, available for free here:

Sweet Dreams (I) – A Coloring Page for Grownups

If you enjoy this project, then be sure to take a look at my other adult coloring offers . . . you can find them here: “Colorin’ Joy”.

Last of all, I really do appreciate you spreading the word, so please feel free to use the share buttons . . . thank you.

Best of Times_V4_Final_adultcol2

Coloring Page – The Best of Times

This is the second time I’m offering a free coloring page, and it feels good to do so . . . “The Best of Times”.

The download is available to anyone who enjoys adult coloring. The picture at the top of this post shows the coloring page as well as a colored rendition. Both are included in the pdf file, available for free here:

Best of Times – A Coloring Page for Grownups

If you enjoy this project, then be sure to take a look at my other adult coloring offers . . . you can find them here: “Colorin’ Joy”.

I hope you enjoy the coloring, and please pass the word on by sharing this page with your friends. Thank you for your continued or new support.



The Muses Convene_Final2_FAA

Those Muses

The title of this creation is called “The Muses Convene”. I use the plural form of muse because if you look closely, there are actually two women interwoven into one image.

This is now available as an open edition print in various sizes and formats, on Fine Art America. Here is the link to “The Muses Convene”.

Surreal art by Lawrence Grodecki

Back to What Drives Us

Now what movie-loving blogger can resist posting something about Back to the Future Day?

It’s funny how all the talk is about the technology, though to me the movie was also a romantic comedy. Speaking of which, last weekend I saw a wonderful film called “Learning to Drive”, though it had nothing to do with DeLoreans and hover boards. Actually it’s not really a romantic comedy either. However, it has several moments of lol surprises, and even more about what evolves into a very endearing relationship between two middle-aged people, played by Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson.

In many ways the film defies categorization as well as stereotyping. The film is superbly written by Sarah Kernochan; I’d say that is the underlying strength of it all – especially the dialogue – though the acting is splendid as well. As you can tell, I’m no professional when it comes to reviews, but I will say that all the reviews I’ve read about “Learning to Drive” are very accurate, and all quite positive. I highly recommend it, especially for those of us who get tired of the presence of too much technology in so much of today’s cinema.

As you can see, this has very little to do with “Back to the Future”. There’s enough stuff on that all over the internet today. As for that hover board, here’s a little segue for all the tech fans! :-)

Montrealer develops Hoverboard Prototype